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15 years of Responsible Care in Austria

Responsible Care is an initiative of the Federation of the Chemical Industry (FCIO). Up to now 33 Austrian companies of the chemical industry successfully underwent the voluntary external audit. These companies constitute about 40% of the national production value. The assessment criteria for the RC award are as follows: employee protection, investment security, environment protection, energy use, storage and disposal. Austria has taken a precursor role within the scope of Responsible Care.

Performance DIC Resins has been already awarded several times as a Responsible Care Company.

On 23.10.2008 another agreement has been made in Manchester between the Cefic (European Chemical Industry Council) and the ECTA (European Chemical Transport Association) relating to Responsible Care in the European chemical land transport sector. This initiative deals not only with the important aspect of the improvement of the transport security of chemicals, but also with his effect on the climate, efficiency and quality. This expansion of the Responsible Care idea is a big breakthrough in the value chain of our industry.

Oct 30, 2008

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